World Cricket Battle – Official Gameplay Video [Android & iOS]


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WORLD CRICKET BATTLE (WCB) is the ultimate cricket game for mobile platforms developed & published by Creative Monkey Games. Every match in WCB will give you a nail-biting moment which makes this game more interesting than the rest.

This is the initial version of the game and soon it will be updated with plenty of new features and game modes. This game will be available for Android and iOS users very soon.

Upcoming Google Play Early Access Features:

1. Quick Match (2,5,10,20 & 50 Overs)
2. Challenges – 25 Real Life Challenges
3. 3 Different Gameplay Experience (Easy for beginners, Medium for cricket lovers and Hard for Professional Gamers)
4. Premier League Cup (5,10 & 20 Overs)
5. Pakistan Premier League (5,10 & 20 Overs)
6. Bangladesh Supreme League (5,10 & 20 Overs)
7. Clash Of Fans (5,10 & 20 Overs)
8. Player Batting & Bowling Pro Cam + Broadcast Cam
9. Dressing Room – Edit Jersey Name and Number
10. 7 International Stadiums
11. English and Hindi Commentary
12. Hawk Eye and Wagon Wheel
13. DRS
14. Squad Management
15. Auto Score
16. Player Bat Change, Wear Cap, Hat and Helmet & Drinks
17. And Lot More…..

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