Vaas Victoria Cricket Academy (VCCA) was arranged behind the notable Sharjah Cricket Stadium expects to draw in youngsters between the age of five and 19 for the most part from the exile Asian people group.They additionally will oblige extraordinary program for corporates, senior cricketers and different portions. They guarantee the students who preps up in this institute will turn out to be a resource for the country and expectation they will speak to the group of this nation. This occasion will give a novel chance to the growing cricketers to ‘Play with Legends’ and will have an yearly occasion based on the title.

Vaas Victoria Cricket Academy conveys a chance to this cricket-cherishing nation pressed with part of exceptional chances. A long-lasting occupant of Dubai, Rukmal, 52, is an ICC Level 1 affirmed mentor and has involvement in a few institutes in UAE. Level 1 mentor of National Cricket Academy of India Manpreet Singh Sidhu and ICC Level 1 mentors Vinod Nayar and Satish Kumar will bolster Vaas’ institute. UAE World Cup player Krishna Chandran is likewise in the training group.

Vaas joins another Sri Lanka legend, Aravinda de Silva, to set up a foundation in the UAE, so that Dubai can possibly turn into a center point to deliver future cricketers.

  • 3 years leased contract (renewable) for about 120 thousand square feet.
  • Under 13 cricket ground (grass)
  • Total 11 nets (4 turf, 7 cement)
  • Bowling machine
  • Academy Office and sports shop
  • Transportation support
  • Ample Parking
  • Rentals

Age gathering: 5-7 years


The course expects to give essential prologue to the round of cricket, concentrating on creating development and abilities required for turning into a cricketer. Alongside creating abilities, for example, running, hopping, hand-eye co-appointment, getting, tossing and hitting, social aptitudes, for example, tuning in, focus and perception are likewise tackled

Age gathering: 7-10 years


The course features on helping sprouting cricketers build up their ranges of abilities in each part of the game through centered instructing sessions. While etching fundamental cricketing abilities, for example, bowling, batting, tossing, hand-eye co-appointment, running and getting are a required piece of the course, the understudies are additionally given preparing through net practice, ground handling and so forth.

Age gathering: 10-13 years

The course centers around building up the inside and out cricketing aptitudes of the adolescents with the assistance of broad training sessions. The custom fitted course helps understudies to pick up aptitude in getting, tossing, bowling, alongside rehearsing at the net and with batting-bowling machine.

Age gathering: 13-17 years

The course plans to calibrate the cricketing aptitudes of the understudies with gathering just as one-on-one instructing sessions. The understudies are likewise given the alternative of playing competitions and speaking to the foundation through different visits.

Regular days coaching evening (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday , Saturday)

Weekend coaching evening (Thursday, Friday , Saturday)

Weekend coaching morning (Friday , Saturday)


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