Top 10 Most Innovative Shots in Cricket | Cricket Tuesday Reaction


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This is a fun video to watch and react to. I’m glad that we hadn’t checked it out yet as it was very well edited and put together with clips from way back when to not too long ago.

Original video found:

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  1. The last shot was from the famous 2003 world cup india vs pak, sachin against shoaib he just had become fastest bowler, and that ball too was 150.9kmph and after that also pace was going up the following balls and shots were getting more classier, i remember the following 3rd or 4th bowl was of 155kmph and it was special sachin tendulkar's straight drive. It was an awesome era.

  2. That Douglas Marillier match still beaks my heart every time I watch it. Zimbabwe should have won that against Australia. It was the ultimate David vs Goliath moment in cricket both on individual and team levels. I still remember a similar innings he played in Sharjah against Pakistan where he hit Waqar Younis for a six over point. That guy was just a beast before there was any recognition for such a thing in cricket. Poor guy lost his career to a bad injury, I heard.

  3. I'm a bit surprised that you guys don't seem to know the bowler Glen Mcrath . I'm guessing this because in this video you just referred to him as "the bowler" and not by his name. If I am correct , then this is a serious oversight on your part and I'm suggesting that you amend it immediately .

  4. It is a real shame that there is no footage of the late 19th/early 20th century batsman called W.G Grace. According to most historical sources, he pioneered most of the shots that are considered modern day regular shots.

  5. Get ready for the IPL guys I don't think you need to do live reactions lol there are freakin 60 matches in that tournament . Probably the only tournament where everyone gives his 100% after the official ICC tournaments.


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