Mohammad Rizwan wicket keeping and batting skills | Green Army


Mohammad Rizwan is a wicket-keeper who possesses pristine reflexes and thrilling aerobatics behind the stumps. Time and time again, He has perfected his performances with athletic finesse anywhere on the ground. A busy batsman, Rizwan buzzes like a bee in the ears of the opposition while in full flow. His best ability to absorb pressure situation and inflict it back with his batting prowess is an unearthed talent. It was an incredible hard-working journey for Rizwan to replace the skipper Sarfraz, but with commitment, performances and a nature to succeed, Rizwan overcame a big obstacle to cement his place into the Pakistan Cricket Team. Surpassing his former national keepers by a huge margin, he has now steady-tracked himself to compete his name as the greatest wicket keeper of all time.


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