Kane Williamson lauds bowlers for adapting to atypical Wellington

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 22: Kane Williamson of New Zealand celebrates his half century during day two of the First Test match between New Zealand and India at Basin Reserve on February 22, 2020 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

Following his team’s comprehensive ten-wicket win against India in the first of the two Tests, Kane Williamson was full of praise for his bowlers. Crediting them for adapting to atypical conditions at Wellington, Williamson termed it a ‘special effort’.

“There wasn’t the sort of wind that we expect here in Wellington but we got a bit of shape and created opportunities. A fantastic effort and special effort with the ball and some handy contributions with the bat too. So a good all around performance,” said Williamson.

He didn’t subscribe to the notion that New Zealand switched to a short-ball ploy to earn dividends. “To be honest I don’t think it [short balls] was overly effective out there,” opined Williamson. “It was when we changed back to our original plan to put the ball in the right area whilst using the change of length as the wicket improved a little bit from a batting perspective is when we were creating more opportunities.

“We tried doing things a little bit differently but the best part of the bowling performance was their ability to put the ball into an area that creates the most opportunity for dismissals like lbws, bowled or caught behind and we saw that today with the change of lengths to create that,” he said.

Elaborating more on the changes that the bowling group did, Williamson explained what was most ‘pleasing’ for him. “Naturally you’re always trying to come up with creative ideas if the wicket does flatten out but as we saw throughout the whole match, there was enough there to keep you interested. And there wasn’t much wind as we are used to so maybe the ball was able to perhaps straighten and make things a little bit challenging.

“In a lot of ways it was really pleasing with the execution in a good area that was most effective part of the bowling performance.”

Adding that these changes came about without much prior planning, Williamson explained how they hit upon different ideas through the game.

“The guys had to get a little bit creative when the ball got bit soft yesterday. It was quite tough to create those opportunities and you didn’t feel like you were going to get a nick behind unless you did something different.


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