IPL 2021 Auction Review/Rant!


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Gabe and Nick go over their initial thoughts after they saw the final results of the auction from the IPL this year. They go over all eight teams and the decisions that were made.

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  1. Gabe, you are so biased for smith, he is excellent in tests, but doesn't really bring anything for t20. Even in DC he will be a backup not starting 11. Their players will be
    5Hetmyer/Sam Billings
    Smith doesn't provide strike rate for lower order and there is no place in top order for Dc

  2. Jason Roy, Alex hales or a Martin guptill are all very bad players of spin ..they have proven that many times in the past in IPL and international cricket..jadhav is an experienced indian player and that is what SRH lacked…other than Williamson, warner and bairstow none of the players have played well for them..manish pandey was hot and cold and others were the inexperienced bits and pieces players like Abdul samad and abhishek Sharma

  3. Let me remind both of you shakib al hasan is the only cricketer to be ranked no 1 all rounder in all three formets for many years… so don't get over hyped with maxwell price tag..

  4. Guys where do you guys get ipl team merchandise??? I live in NJ. My team is KKR. But I can't find good stuff on Amazon US. I see Gabe wearing CSK hat. Was it sent by a fan of the channel or did you buy it from somewhere? I want to get a KKR hat + jersey.

  5. SRH already has embarrassment of riches, regarding foreign players.. Currently, Bairstow, Williamson, Holder, Marsh and Nabi all deserve to be on XI but unable to get a spot.. Another foreign batsman will only add more headache.. They needed one strong Indian middle order batsman. They went after ShivamDube but couldn't get him.
    Played smart by increasing the price of K.Gautham and exhausting CSK's purse.. Kedar Jadhav is the only option available for them who fits into their scheme of things..

  6. RCB remains the same i my opinion. Maxwell don't perform in the IPL internationally and BBL yes but IPL no. I think KKR not bad but they have a problem with Narine, Russell, Cummings, Shakib and Cpt. Morgan all overseas players. I would like shakib and Narine together but idk how that going to work.

  7. I feel sorry for Vihari.. Latest hero of Sydney Test went unsold.. It's ok if he goes unsold once, but teams asked him to be included into the draw trice and he went unsold all times.. Such a shame to the Indian International player..

  8. Punjab Eleven had the stupidest of managers to make decisions in the bid…Preity Zinta doesn't know anything about cricket and guys around her neither do, so yes… worst auction ever…dumb, dumber and dumbest

  9. I think CSK is pretty well balanced. They went for Maxwell. And they did have a backup plan for Maxwell. CSK was looking for an batting all-rounder ( off spinner), once Maxwell were outside their maximum limit they went ahead and bought 2 batting all-rounder in price of one. Even RR did well… They needed a good bowler to support archer. If Morris stay fit for all 14 games he'll be an asset for the team.


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