India v Australia Test 3 – Our Three Wickets


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This third match will be discussed and remembered for years to come. What a match and what a fight by India. Great batting by Australia. We discuss our high points and low points of both sides of the historic draw.

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  1. This has to be one of the bizarrely awesome discussions I've been privy to.. Two Americans passionately analysing the sport I love. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the 4th Test!
    Love for Melbourne Australia.

  2. It was an epic Indian performance in SCG to make series alive to the decider in Gabba, Brisbane where Australian never lost since 1988 & undefeated in 31 match. More injuries & DIY life in Brisbane for stricter quarantine makes a mountain to climb for India. It will change history forever if India win this.

  3. Oh! and I forgot Ishant – another injury in this tour. Ishant – such an experienced bowler who has toured Australia 4 or 5 times! Experience is so valuable especially in an abroad series, against a tough competition like Australia

  4. now Bumrah and perhaps Mayank Agarwal may not be part of Brisbane test. Bumrah has an abdominal strain, while Mayank injured his hand during practice yesterday. This series has taken a huge toll of injuries – Shami, Umesh Yadav, Jadeja, Rahul, Vihari, and now Bumrah, perhaps Mayank. Add Virat Kohli and we have 8 people of original team not available. So out of a team of 19, they have to play all of the balance 11, whether they are suitable or not. Can you imagine that Siraj and Saini will be leading the pace attack who have 2 tests and 1 test under their belt. Incredible! If India even draw this that will be a great achievement, leave alone a victory!

  5. The innings by Pant, Vihari was amazing considering that they had to take heavy doses of pain killers. In fact Pant was almost delirious or woozy while batting, yet he batted so well. Its amazing! Vihari batted for over 3 hours under the pain of a torn hamstring. Unbelievable!

  6. Labuschagne is a pinch bowler who brings change..even though he might bowl terrible it eventually brings break of concentration and breaks partnership. That's the only reason!

  7. If India Bats first in next test match it's game on
    Reason : 132 over bowling unit with just 3 days recovery time/practice sessions, I don't think Australian bowlers would be 100 percent

  8. Kohli out
    Isant sharma injured
    Umesh yadav injured
    Mayank Agarwal injured
    Kl rahul injured
    Jadeja injured
    Vihari injured
    Bhuvnesh kumar injured
    Now bumrah is injured
    Ashwin is unfit
    And pant has elbow sprain

    Still india is giving tough fight to Australia, huge respect to everyone

  9. Gabe I respect that u support Australia but supporting Australia comes with a lot of flack coz they r known to play dirty n nasty and clearly have a history of disrespecting the game, they may be one of the best but will always be known as a team who cannot take defeat positively…

  10. India played with 12 instead of 11. Paine had a shocker but at least played the whole game. Pant batted well but was not fit to keep wickets (apparently). Sorry, if you aren't able to field, you shouldn't be able to bat.

  11. There's a massive difference between an all rounder and a batsman who bowls from time to time. No one pretends that Marnus is an all rounder bit from time to time he gets thrown the ball to jag a surprise wicket.

  12. Australian attack is the best bowling attack in the world 👇👇
    Stark 250+ wickets
    Cummins 200+ (NO 1)
    Hazlewood 200+
    Lyon 395+ wickets

  13. Pant batted with injections+painkillers👈
    Vihari batted with pain killers👈
    Ashwin's back was sore, he was on pain killers👈
    Jadeja was ready to bat with broken thumb.👈

    These things tell you the character of the Indian team. They were playing back to back cricket since August 2020. They haven't been with their wives and family since last August.

    That is why cricket is the best team game in the world. 😍😍😍

  14. Gabe👈
    Labuschane/Smith are part time leg spinner
    Green bowls at 80miles per hour+ speeds

    So when the main bowlers like stark Hazlewood Cummins are tired; a few overseas are given to the part time bowlers, especially before taking the new ball,
    so that when the new ball comes, your best bowlers are ready and fresh to go.

  15. I'm an Australian supporter, buy Paine's conduct was frankly disgraceful in that last innings. There here was sledging Ashwin, and not being very creative about it. A couple of balls later, Paine drops a catch he should have taken. If I was Ashwin, I would have gone right up to his face and said "nice catch, dickhead".


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