Few of the basic skills that can be followed by anyone at home so you dont loose touch in batting


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Reflecting On Basics

Sharing few of my insights on what I personally felt while batting on throw downs from tennis balls The most important thing for a batsman while hitting a cricket ball is the point of contact, if it’s a touch early then the ball goes in the air if you didn’t intend to do so. So while training with the tennis balls I realised that the tennis balls has the tendency to go in the air much more than cricket balls, if the point of contact is even a bit early.

This drill which most of is consider too basic that u see in the video will help us make sure that you play the balls right under you’re eyes and defend with the strong top hand and loose bottom hand whether you’re driving or defending to get complete control over it so it travels along the ground after you hit the ball.

When you want you drive the ball with tennis balls along the ground the point of contact has to to be right under you’re eyes if not the ball goes in the air or you defend it.

I personally feel tennis ball throw downs will definitely help in meeting the balls in a much better position and reflect while training with the cricket balls once your start training outside when the lock down is over.

Feel free to dm me or comment if you have a different perspective on this and do share if you find it informative 😊