#fame cricket -​​ #WCwithHarsha – #CWC15 Quarter-Final Review | Semi Final Preview | Harsha Bhogle


After seeing some magnificent performances in the Quater Finals, it’s time to get into the Semi-Final zone. From the New Zealand team to the Indian cricket team, it’s going to be nerve wrecking Semi-Finals that will keep everyone hooked to their seats. So watch this video to see Harsha giving his insights about the Semi-Finals and also speaking about the splendid performances we saw in the Quaters.

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India is going to host T20 World Cup 2016!! In the last T20 World Cup, India reached the final and lost to Sri Lanka. India was also among the Semi-finalists in ODI World Cup 2015. Also, India won the last ICC tournament that it hosted. Man of the tournament that year, Yuvraj Singh, is back in the squad. One can only hope, what kind of excitement this tournament holds for us.

A dynamic presenter and an internationally acclaimed cricket expert, Harsha has been known for his insightful cricket analysis and compelling personality. He has expanded his online presence by hosting “Out of the box with Harsha” on YouTube, the show is regarded as the opinion of the man who is considered the voice of Indian cricket.

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Cricket, Cricket, Cricket!!!

Our country is all about Cricket. Here, Cricket is not just a sport, it is a religion followed by more than 1 billion people. #fame cricket channel is here with all the cricket news and reviews from all around the world on YouTube. #fame cricket delivers expert reviews by the famous commentator and anchor Harsha Bhogle.
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#fame cricket is here with all the cricket news and reviews from all around the world. #fame cricket delivers expert reviews by the famous commentator and anchor Harsha Bhogle.

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