Elite Pro Basketball & Elite Women’s Pro Basketball Initiate Talent Hunt ‘league Structure’ On Cricketnmore



    The Elite Pro Basketball League: The Elite Pro Basketball League (EPBL)/Elite Women’s Pro Basketball League (EWPBL) on Monday announced a league structure in India called CUE (Collegiate. Uprising. Elite) that is aimed at providing a pathway for emerging basketball talent to rise through the ranks and compete at the highest levels of the sport.

    CUE introduces the Uni Slam Series, a platform that invites college players to showcase their skills by forming teams (open) and competing for the coveted title. The champions of the Uni Slam Series will earn the prestigious opportunity to advance to the next level and get drafted into the developmental league aptly named the U League. The players who showcase the highest quality of basketball in the Uni Slam Series also have the opportunity directly be drafted into any of the pro teams in the EPBL & EWPBL.

    Commenting on this announcement, Sunny Bhandarkar CEO at Elite Pro Basketball said, “We are thrilled to unveil this new league structure, which is a bullet proof plan to secure talent and provide a clear pathway for players to reach the highpoint of the sport. The Uni Slam Series and U League are designed to create a competitive and nurturing environment for college players, developing & preparing them for the challenges of professional basketball. We are excited to witness the growth of basketball in India through this innovative pathway. This is the CUE for Indian Basketball players to stand up for themselves.”

    The U League, a developmental league is set to become a hotbed of Indian basketball talent, offering an unparalleled platform for players to refine their skills and compete against the best in the country. Success in the U League opens the door to the pinnacle of Indian Pro basketball — the EPBL & EWPBL. The team that wins the U League every season will automatically be promoted & add up as an additional team in the EPBL & EWPBL. These pro leagues have 16 teams in the EPBL and 6 teams in EWPBL, and will open a window for 32 teams over the next few years.

    In a revolutionary move, winning both the Uni Slam Series and the U League grants players the extraordinary opportunity to step onto the grand stage of the EPBL & EWPBL. This seamless progression from college-level competitions to the professional leagues exemplifies EPBL & EWPBL’s commitment to nurturing and showcasing the finest basketball talent in India.

    “We at The Elite Pro Basketball League are poised to make a significant impact on the Indian basketball landscape, with this new structure expected to captivate fans and inspire a new generation of athletes. The league invites basketball enthusiasts, colleges, and players alike to be part of this exciting journey as Basketball reaches new heights in India,” Sunny Bhandarkar signed off.


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