ACC unveils the complete schedule of Emerging Women’s Asia Cup 2023


    The inaugural edition of the Emerging Women’s Asia Cup 2023 has been announced jointly by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and Cricket Hong Kong (CHK). Hong Kong has been selected as the host country for the event, which will be held at the Tin Kwong Road Recreation Ground from June 12 to 21.

    The tournament will feature the participation of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. It is worth noting that the full-member nations will be represented by their U-23 or A squads in this competition.

    Subsequent to the release of the schedule for the Emerging Women’s Asia Cup 2023, Jay Shah, the president of ACC, expressed the board’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for women in regional cricket.

    Shah emphasized the importance of allowing female cricketers to showcase their skills and contribute to the growth of the sport. He also regarded the tournament as an excellent platform for aspiring young women cricketers to participate, compete, and enhance their abilities.

    “Asian Cricket Council’s vision for cricket in the region includes creating equal opportunities for women to showcase their talent and take the sport to new heights. The Women’s Emerging Teams Asia Cup 2023 in Hong Kong is a great platform for young women cricketers to compete and grow, and we are committed to developing women’s cricket in Asia to ensure a bright future for the sport,” said Shah in an official statement.

    Cricket Hong Kong (CHK) chief Burji Shroff highlighted the significance of the upcoming tournament, describing it as an incredible opportunity to not only showcase one of the top women’s cricket teams in Asia but also to foster the development of women’s cricket across the region. Shroff also reckoned that the multi-team event will provide valuable playing opportunities and exposure for Hong Kong’s team as they compete against India A, Pakistan A, and Thailand A in the group matches.

    “It is an incredible event that will not only showcase one of the best teams in women’s cricket in Asia but will also provide a platform for the development of women’s cricket across the region. It will provide a great playing opportunity and exposure to our team who will take on India A, Pakistan A and Thailand A in group matches. Hong Kong has a successful history in hosting international cricket events and we look forward to welcoming visiting teams to Hong Kong to experience this wonderful city and showcase their skill in what will be a great event,” said Shroff.

    Emerging Women’s Asia Cup 2023 Groups:

    • Group A: India A, Pakistan A, Thailand A, Hong Kong
    • Group B: Bangladesh A, Sri Lanka A, Malaysia, Hong Kong

    Emerging Women’s Asia Cup 2023 schedule:

    • June 12
      Sri Lanka A vs UAE (9 AM)
      Bangladesh A vs Malaysia (2 PM)
    • June 13
      Pakistan A vs Thailand A (9 AM)
      Hong Kong vs India A (2 PM)
    • June 14
      Sri Lanka A vs Bangladesh A (9 AM)
      UAE vs Malaysia (2 PM)
    • June 15
      Hong Kong vs Pakistan A (9 AM)
      India A vs Thailand A (2 PM)
    • June 16
      Bangladesh A vs UAE (9 AM)
      Sri Lanka A vs Malaysia (2 PM)
    • June 17
      Hong Kong vs Thailand A (9 AM)
      India A vs Pakistan A (2 PM)
    • June 19
      Semi-Final 1 (9 AM)
      Semi-Final 2 (2 PM)
    • June 21
      Exhibition Game (9 AM)
      Final (2 PM)

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