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  1. In the past as well i hav seen…if u dont want to praise good cricket from specifically India stand by it & never come on show when india does well…no problem…A player can only be a great if he has a big enough heart to gather his LoVe for the game of cricket

  2. why the hell Rashid defending PCB, even refusing to comment on waqar & Misbah….Rashid seems to give priority to personal future gains & personal relations above National Interest.

    Rest of the time he has To talk about internal politics,match fixing , quaralls among players in the name of Analysis
    but now his country demands honest analysis, changes in system process,opinions on players their mistakes but he prefer personal gains above that & silence.

    No wonder pakistan cricket is going down such selfish mentality not only inside PCB but also outside ong senior ex players.

  3. I don’t like one thing about rashid whenever pak loses he always blames cricket dying all over the world common man! Doc always speaks truth and doc is far better without rashid!

  4. Any country's sports is reflective of how that country is doing in all aspects ! I dnt think pakistan has progressed any inch after 80's in any sector… It regressed in fact.. It will surely impact sports sector.

  5. Can you please do a case study on Junaid khan why he has been so unfortunate every time he misses out from U19 World Cup to 19 Cric World Cup. Despite he’s been the match winner even after injuries ?
    Why was he not look after and treated unfairly upon other players who hardly win you any matches and they are not even hard workers neither they want to play test matches for Pakistan?

  6. Today saw Nana after long time!!! Technical analyst toh ek hee hai!!! It’s good ki u stand with Waqar Younis against all odds!! But just heard his comments on cricket committee meeting but was lot of beat around bush

  7. It seems there is something about Doc that Rashid Ji wants changed. Atleast, that is how it looks during episodes. I guess people grow/change and expect their friends to change too. And I guess it's good to change if friendship is to be kept strong.

  8. One day they critisize and other day they defend. These people are doing their job to make money through youtube nothing else. harris and shan time and tested, should be thrown out ASAP, they are now again lobbying for their career.

  9. بیٹنگ کوچ کو کیوں نہيں بلایا گیا اس کی وجہ کیا ھے وقار مصباح کو بلایا گیا یونس کو کیوں نہيں بلایا گیا


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