Cricket Coaching (Batting)


Cricket batting coaching



  1. Right or left eye dominant if you play cricket you need to know.Without knowing your dominant eye playing your best is nothing more than a fantasy.more tips at[ mental training & improving life skills on youtube]

  2. @Flippinchutney You can be technically perfect but if you can't read the ball out of the hand and pick up the length then it doesn't matter. Cant teach quick reflexes and reaction time. And at least he made it to first class cricket.

  3. @djdom121 You talking about 3:35? Well obviously you can physically play that shot but its not a good shot. Playing a back foot square "drive" where you're coming across the line of the ball? Low percentage.

  4. just the handling of the bat was fine for me, now I need to test how I go, one tip I'm gonna give you guys, get someone who plays tennis, to serve constant tennis balls at you at a fast pace, faster then a bowler would bowl, and there not serving full length, just shorter, then just block the ball away and keep repeating, it gets you used to the ball more, and the other person gets better serving skills, so vice versa for the tennis players.

    Hope I helped



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